Defending from Impersonation Email Spam Scam

It has come to our attention that a malicious party has coordinated an sophisticated impersonation email attack on our brand and goodwill. Along with other Alexa Top 500000 Global websites, cyber-attacks on our website happens every day. We protect our website and our customers against malicious hackers by employing the best in the industry secured e-commerce platform Shopify, and the highest grade PCI level 1 security by Stripe and PayPal.

While well coordinated, the impersonation attack has not penetrated any of our layers of security systems, but it has caused some confusion from website managers who received the forged emails. The attack was performed outside of our server perimeters by third parties who impersonated employees, using Gmail, Hotmail services or domains similar to ours. The perpetrators then spam their crafted messages to unsuspecting website manager through various means. 

One of the ways the scammers would monetize the attack, is by hosting their own weaponized "anti-scam" blogspot site and making advertising dollars by siphoning off our hard-earned reputation and goodwill. It is also typical these fake "anti-scam" sites would hold their victims hostage, and demand a hefty ransom to "clean" the report on the unsuspecting victims, only to have the cycle repeated on them.

We are serious about the privacy and security of our clients' data, we have increased the frequency of our internal security audits, and as of October 11, 2018, there have been zero security incidents found. is now working with the local authorities and pursuing legal action to parties responsible. We'll post updates as we make new progress.

* If you are suspected to be a victim of the attack, please delete and block the communication, report the incident to us at our support desk. If you signed up for our marketing newsletters from a real address and wish to stop future emails, please follow the unsubscribe opt out procedures located at the bottom of each email. We follow all best practice requirements for CANSPAM - CASL - GDPR.